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March 26, 2020

Why is there so much hype and hullabaloo about tea bags?

This teabag question has been covered by many experts and there is so much literature out there about the harmful substances that most mass produced teabags are made out of.Not withstanding that there are some that are made from cotton or even manilla hemp, most teabags that are sold in NZ Supermarkets are questionable.In my view should be taken out of the shelves altogether. In my eyes, if I were to logically weigh out the reasoning behind not using teabag tea's, here is one reason- one ne...

October 17, 2016

Importance of Water

Every tea vendor speaks of the best brew comes with the freshest water...Extremely right!However, my customers told me an interesting phenomena which I took for granted.When I was in Christchurch, a beautiful mom and daughter came to our stand and told us of how their father and dad loved his tea or chai whilst visiting India from the street vendors of Mumbai.I smiled and told them that two things were different and missing in New Zealand vs India...Mostly diluted Buffalo Milk and Hygieneful o...

October 5, 2016

Radio Live Talk Show, Saturday Morning on the Home & Garden with Tony Murrell and Beautiful Helen

Generic question but there;s always room for ones interpretation.My reasoning is simple..keep it simple...New Zealand has good tap water (although Councils are often talking about air and water quality) and most people do not have access to a fancy tea brewing machine.They rely on the whistling kettle to boil water.So if that's the average Jill(like my mother), then my advice is just before the whistle begins , turn it off.Next pour in your boiled water into your teacups to simply warm the cup...

October 1, 2016

What makes White Tea Superior to others?

Can there be a distinct difference in the variety of teas?Many times people misunderstand how tea varieties are produced. Tea varieties are now market driven and the different varieties are derived from the process of oxidation or fermentation.Funnily, the tea bush is still the same - either Camellia Sinensis Sinensis or Assamica. White tea is the purest variety and has little, if not, no process of fermentation.So when one talks about tea and antioxidant properties or goodness, generall...

September 21, 2016

Starting to blog

The hardest thing to do is to pen down thoughts and to start writing a blog.Since this is my first blog experience I thought that the best thing to start upon would be to talk about Chai Tea.Why do people call it Chai Tea? Somehow thanks to the marketing of Chai Lattes, drinking Chai Tea has become so trendy. Expert sociologists have many answers to that, however, my understanding is that I can only claim to know what has been passed down from our household. The term "Chai" literally means ...

September 11, 2016

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