Why is there so much hype & hullabaloo about Tea bags?

Should I be convenience driven or should I take time to brew a proper cup of tea

This teabag question has been covered by many experts and there is so much literature out there about the harmful substances that most mass produced teabags are made out of. Not withstanding that there are some that are made from cotton or even manilla hemp, most teabags that are sold in NZ Supermarkets are questionable. In my view should be taken out of the shelves altogether.

In my eyes, if I were to logically weigh out the reasoning behind not using teabag tea's, here is one reason- one needs about 2.5-3g of tea leaves to make a proper wholesome brew. If I were to put any of our tea laves that are genuinely large leaves amounting to 2.5 or more g of tea into a teabag, it is quite difficult for those premium tea leaves to have sufficient space to open up.

A simple analogy is - Imagine the claustrophobia of a 1 m room with 10 people lined up sleeping, Thus the obvious reason why we should avoid teabags - "not enough room for good quality long leaves to brew properly".

So if it is not proper tea leaves inside a teabag, what do you think would be inside most generic teabags? Scary stories that also on the internet show that tea found in teabags also mysteriously end up having maggots! (Yuck!)

Unfortunately, there is a price to buying below mediocre products such as teabag teas. Most of the so called teas inside these bleached teabags or even nylon triangular pyramid bags are fannings or tea dust from the third world producing countries. How many times people have told me they actually don't want to know what goes into the teabag as if a foreboding thoughts would come alive.

  • How is it that we don't mind lapping up tea sweepings as a nutritious wholesome beverage?
  • Don't people feel absolutely disgusted drinking broom swept tea dust?
  • So why would educated people conform to such mental dilemma about being comfortable drinking tea sweepings?

It is a very difficult question that I have asked many passers-by- unfortunately, they smile sheepishly and acknowledge that it is their own choice of being very lazy. So I ask my customers How much do you value yourself because at the end of the day it is not just choice but You. 

In all of philosophy especially Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the objective that is departed is for Man to understand himself and the ego. If we able to control key vices then we have mastered and understood the meaning of Life. 

Unfortunately as I attend markets and trade shows, I come across numerous people - whether women or men, who are basically driven by convenience and lack of time. I ask them, "Look, if you don't take time for yourself and think about what you consume...don't expect others, perhaps, doctors to find a quick fix for your health problems down the track." Sheepishly, those people tell me they know and have heard it umpteen times but just 'can't be bothered'.

As they leave my stand or stall, I always think back of what they said and how they looked apologetic for their mistakes as if I were the Padre behind the confessions counter and feel sorry for them not being able to take charge of their small lazy demons.

I am a pedantic health freak..no I am not one of those who go onto a gluten diet, paleo diet or anything vigorous. However, I am cautious about what I intake for myself and my family. My older daughter has eczema and allergies to food colouring Red and my other daughter has allergies from plastic and Yellow food colouring. So between the two who were born in two different countries in the Western world, as an Eastern overprotective Tiger Mom, I need to ensure that they do not conform to being lazy or opt to taking shortcuts in life.

They see what I do and I am sure they will look before they leap when the time comes but in order to ensure that it is followed through, the first step step is to show them the right path.


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