What makes White Tea Superior to others?

White Tea vs all others

Can there be a distinct difference in the variety of teas?

Many times people misunderstand how tea varieties are produced. Tea varieties are now market driven and the different varieties are derived from the process of oxidation or fermentation. Funnily, the tea bush is still the same - either Camellia Sinensis Sinensis or Assamica.

White tea is the purest variety and has little, if not, no process of fermentation. So when one talks about tea and antioxidant properties or goodness, generally, the tea to point towards is the White Tea. In most parts of the hemisphere, people have already been consuming this with added knowledge, however, in some parts of the globe, this popularity is just coming to surface.

The hesitancy is more driven by the lack of knowledge of the consumer to tea, the health benefits and more importantly with the sheer monopoly of tea vendors producing mediocre tea with a cheap price tag! Unfortunately, people are still driven under the price factor rather than weighing out the price vs quality comparison.

Our objective at BOLU® is to reach out to tea drinkers about biodynamic grown quality tea.

Contact us if you are starting to get the wake up call!

There really is no reason for TOO MUCH CAFFEINE..!


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