Starting to Blog - Chai Tea

Chai Tea

The hardest thing to do is to pen down thoughts and to start writing a blog.

Since this is my first blog experience I thought that the best thing to start upon would be to talk about Chai Tea. Why do people call it Chai Tea? Somehow thanks to the marketing of Chai Lattes, drinking Chai Tea has become so trendy.

Expert sociologists have many answers to that, however, my understanding is that I can only claim to know what has been passed down from our household. The term "Chai" literally means tea in so many languages and continents, not just the Indian Sub Continent, so when I hear a Caucasian ask for Chai Tea, it sounds comical. Can I have Tea tea!

Forgive me for that, but a cling clang of miss mashing the English language which has now incorporated Chai into its dictionary, means simply - spicy, authentic Indian Tea. As an Indian, I have often chided myself to ask what is a Chai Tea? I have asked my amma, my grand aunts and others but invariably get the same rhetoric answer, "Child you are asking for tea and stop asking nonsense". (Although I am close to the 50 mark, in their eyes, I have yet to turbo pass the age of 5years old). I tell them that is what the Europeans call Masala Tea! and we all have a good laugh at difference in the language.

In India, our traditional masala teas can be made in so many ways, with buffalo milk, with full cream milk, without milk and allspice etc. Each region of India has their own palate and version. Some parts of India churn out some amazing tasty Chai's; others of course can be ghastly.

It depends where you are, which Chaiwallah has made it etc. That of course has no reflection on their palate, just that, random tea sellers sometimes use poor quality hard water to brew the teas by the roadside. Sometimes of course since these tea sellers overuse the old tealeaves (of course they would invariably be tea dusts or sweepings), therefore the tastes get altered.

To each region, we salute the different types of Masala Tea and we hope that the European community (which comprises basically all the Caucasians from all spans of the world) thank you very much for loving our teas and giving it the eloquence of a well deserved royal brew.

SO if you are a Chai Tea fan, then you must of course try our very own pure custom blended versions. I am sure you will find the difference and appreciate our Signature Chai's!


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