Happy Queen's Birthday

Royal Tea

This weekend, New Zealand celebrates HRH Queen Elizabeth II's 95th Birthday. 

Have you ever wondered how 'Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor' prefers her tea?

In an interview in 2020 with Royal Butler Grant Harold, he shared that the Queen can’t resist her favourite cuppa, and it’s a routine.

The Queen is an Assam and Earl Grey fan. Shhh... there is a secret in it too!! It has been said that HRH loves her High Tea ritual served in bone china with an Earl Grey and sometimes alternates with Darjeeling, accompanied with crustless sandwiches and cakes.

“A royal cuppa with a splash of milk and no sugar!”

Premium Royal Darjeeling Earl Grey

Fun Facts about the Queen

  • The Queen actually celebrates her birthday twice! On her actual Birthday (21st April) then again when the weather is better! I quite like that idea!
  • 20 million people watched the Queen being crowned…that was a long time before she appeared on Netflix!
  • I must get some tips from the Queen as she is a bit of a social media guru sending her first email in 1976 and her first Instagram post in 2019.

Can the Queen make a cup of tea without the butler?

Well, Rumour has it that the Queen in 2019 personally made a builder a cup of tea while he was carrying out work at Buckingham Palace and very soon it was labelled as 'builder’s tea' ~ served with 2 sugars in a mug.

Time for a cuppa!


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