BOLU® has personally selected the finest quality organic Teas from India, bringing you a fresh approach to your favourite cuppa!

BOLU® Teas are Sourced Ethically

Whether it's Black, Green, White, Oolong, or a blend of Specialty Teas, BOLU® imports only the finest certified organic or biodynamic teas from India. 

All BOLU® Teas are sourced from organic, fair-trade plantations that we've personally selected, bringing you tea that's not only the best quality, but ethically produced as well. There's so much more to tea than tea bags. 

Explore our range, and try a fresh approach to your favourite cuppa!

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the World after water. It is consumed by people from many cultures in a wide variety of styles.

Years ago people were using ceramic teapots in Asia and the Middle East. Tea didn't reach most Europeans until the late 16th century.

New Zealand ranks seventh in the World by annual per capita consumption of Tea!  1.19kg OR 2.63lbs. That's a lot of cups of Tea!

BOLU® - First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea 2023

Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere! and what better way to welcome it than with a delicate cuppa of BOLU's First Flush.

The First Flush is the first plucking of tea leaves that symbolizes a new beginning.  The tea is delicate and refined with an embedded sense of muscatel. Steep for 3 - 5 min to accentuate a deeper golden liquor and unravel its dainty floral notes.

Perfect for any time of the day. Best with or without milk and sugar!

Try our First Flush DarjeelingTea Today.

“The art of making a cup of tea is an opportunity for us to unwind and take time out in our now hectic lives”

Brewing Tips

Brewing the perfect cup of old fashioned tea with loose leaves is quite simple. All you need is some patience and the right mindset to begin. 

There is no right or wrong way to make a cup of  tea.  

We recommend that you just feel free to experiment and allow your own palate to guide you into that perfect journey. 

However, here are some key tips to brewing a good cup of tea... read more in our Blog

What Should Go Into Your Tea Bag?

Tea bags have been used as tea infusers since 1903. In those days loose tea was intended to be removed from the bags by the customers, however, people found it easier to brew tea with the tea leaves still inside the porous bags. Voila! The birth of convenience and tea bags.

Over time, tea bags began to evolve. At first they began to consist of tea dust and tea sweepings that didn't make it in the auction market.

Today, we can choose to buy specialised bio-degradable tea bags, where we can choose what kind of tea leaves to brew and how much of them go into our tea bags. Convenience wins again. So choose the right type of tea bag and the right kind of tea  leaves to go in them.

Enjoy your cuppa and brew some patience and time for yourself.


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