About BOLU® Tea

BOLU® is tea from a simpler age:

...when people made time to take stock of the world, or share a moment with friends over a simple, fragrant brew.

From certified organic plantation, to our award winning packaging, BOLU® Tea is processed with care and attention that extraordinary tea deserves. Whether you prefer delicate White Tea, the invigorating Black, or something in between-Oolong-when you sit down to enjoy a fragrant BOLU® brew, you can be sure of a delicious, healthful ,cup of tea.

Once you've tried one of BOLU® choice teas, or a specially custom blended brews, you'll never look at a teabag again!

Tea Sommelier Brings Tea Straight from the Plantations

Owner, Tea Sommelier and hospitality professional, Shai or BOLU (to old friends & family) is committed to sourcing only from plantations cultivating tea via biodynamics and those certified by Fair Trade as providing good conditions for their workers.

This sense of responsibility is carried through at a local level too, with BOLU®, supporting a number of community groups and charities in India and in New Zealand. We work directly with certified tea gardens that are Rain Forrest Alliance, Fair Trade and organic.

Discover Now

Aromatic, Seasonal, Fresh Whole Leaf Organic Indian Teas.

As Spring enters our beautiful kingdom in the Northern hemisphere, we wait patiently for the First Flush Darjeelings. The novelty of finding out the extra aromatic flavours of "this particular plantation" brings joy to any tea drinker.

As the teas are plucked fresh and oxidised, the black tea develops its peculiar muscatel character. The teas are then dried to about 3 percent moisture, just the right amount to retain enough "mellowing"for about three months.

During this period, the tannins continue to darken and form the aromatic body of the liquor, and before the oxidation has achieved its full taste, the fresh "green" perfumes are at their strongest.


Considered the Champagne of Teas, Darjeeling, is trademarked with a limited number of tea merchants legally registered to use the name Darjeeling


Seasons of Tea are referred to as Flushes – outlining the Seasons and the variants of tea that come with them


A Sommeliers of Tea can identify different types of tea, taste and brew using the proper techniques, and have an understanding of tea & food pairings

“Tea is more than just a beverage. It’s a spiritual awakening of the senses”

A Taste of India

India through the lens. Steeped in tradition, bustling, vibrant society, heady rich aromas of spices stimulate your senses. Everywhere you look there is a story to be told of it's people, it's hospitality and its spirituality. 


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