BOLU® connects you to Tea & Four Corners of India

We used to be planters.
We are family of the soil who strives to advocate sustainability and ethics.
We drink tea like wine.
We believe that tea is no longer an old fashioned drink, nor tea, just for the British. Taking stock of the old ways, integrating into the new age, we try to cultivate this generation to question the validity of ethical work and organic cultivation.
Our chosen teas and plantations are certified organic or USDA biodynamic and from Fair Trade linked estates.
Tea, we believe is a lifestyle & BOLU® is the change delivering to the conscious consumer.

Sushrutha- Inner Peace Tea

Step into your soul.Seek within and help nurture wounds by first aiding with nutrition.Eat Healthy, Think Healthy and perhaps if you can't take tea or 'camellia sinensis', try our Inner PeaceTea.The potency of herbs that are blended to give you the peace of mind that will help restore the calmness.Best before bedtime to unwind and rest easy.

Sushrutha Teas-Coming Soon!

This Week's Top Pick- Signature Traditional Ginger Cardamom Tea

For each person, there is a special tea that would suit your taste buds.As and when a new tea arrives at our doorstep, we call it the Tea of the week Pick. We try to endeavour to reach out to those who are truly interested in finding their special tea variety. To some that tea variety has already been identified. To others, they are still experimenting.We don't claim to know it all, but we do aim to bring a variety of pure, organic loose leaf tea - "the best of the best" with an affordable price.
This week as the weather becomes more crisp and wintery the taste bud jolts towards a spicier version.Try out our Traditional Ginger Cardamom Tea also known as "Chai".It will surely warm your senses!
Simply Darjeeling Golden Tips

For Real Darjeeling Fans

Simply Darjeeling Golden Tips - For Real Darjeeling  Fans


  • We bring you the best of biodynamic grown teas from the Indian Subcontinent.
  • We select our teas carefully according to quality and price.
  • Due to economic market conditions, some varieties may be more dearer than others-purely because they are limited speciality edition teas.
  • We endeavour to cater to all sections of society.

Tea and Anti-Oxidant benefits

Antioxidants can help protect our body from damage from free radicals, produced from your body's natural digestive process, and from environmental toxins, whether man-made of natural.All teas whether Black Tea, Green Tea and Oolong contain natural flavonoids. Natural Flavonoids are the natural antioxidants found in plants which has been the subject of much talk with tea and goodness. While black tea is lower in overall polyphenols and catechises, (the natural antioxidants) than green tea, it is still a good source of antioxidants, namely thearubigins and theaflavins which is the result of the longer oxidation process of the leaves.

Let us try to guide you to your palate

The palate plays a significant role in choice teas.Our local research into tea and behaviour here in New Zealand has given us a better indication as to which type of palate would appreciate which teas and sometimes ethnicity matters! For example, we have found that persons from particular regions in the world and habits such as smoking, tend to be attracted to more aromatic blends such as Second Flush Darjeeling Blacks or even an Earl Grey.Others with particular moods and fancies seem to more adventurous and appreciate a variety of blended teas, but again during different times of the day and season.This has been ongoing tedious exercise and passion driven by talking to customers during a passive research that we are aiming to perfect so that we can offer a special experience with tea to each tea drinker.

Bold Black Tea for Morning Blues

Breakie's Beverage

What do most people reach for in the morning-a cigarette, a cup of black coffee or something more refined and classy?Statistics in the tea world show that most people who are deemed tea drinkers reach for a cup of English Breakfast.Why not try our Signature English Breakfast or a blend of Second Flush Darjeeling from a renowned biodynamic plantation and an Assam to give the added "brisk body"?Whether it is Black Tea, Green Tea or Tisane, we aspire to engage your special ''cuppa" to be the signature statement that makes your day true to pure tea leaves.
Try one of our Signature Teas today!

The Perfect Teaspoon for measuring Tea

Does one need a "proper " teaspoon for measuring Tea?Some claim that it is nonsense, while pedantic persons feel it necessary.How do you scoop out Tea, and do you use the right teaspoon?Sometimes, you do. Haven't we all at some stage been lazy with scooping out tea leaves?Too much tea leaves into a small mug, half asleep, pouring into it boiling water, leaving that to "cook".Returning to it now awake, staring down at the chocolatey potion, shaking our heads and then throwing it away, deciding that you really can't possibly start the day with that murky water...So the first key thing to know first is to use the right teaspoon to scoop out the tea leaves.
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